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Welcome to Mercy Summer league

Hello Parents and Players,

Welcome to Mercy's soccer summer league! I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Andrea (Melina Fords) mom. 
Just a few quick things. We have two teams registered for summer league. One of the captains should have reached out by now, to let you know what team your daughter will be playing on. If your daughter has not heard, please have reach out to one of the captains for clarification. Captains are: Melina Ford, Lauren Kohs, Avery Kohs and Julia Nadolski. The schedule also just came out for games. We will be playing on Monday and Wednesday nights. Please log onto the Fsa website to check the game days and times, they are subject to change, so please check the week of. Captains will also send to the girls as well.  The girls will have a practice, but the captains will relay that information. 
 If you are your daughters have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

See you all soon!!



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