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looking for over-40s team
by Drew C. on 10/15/2019

Hi, I'm Drew, looking to join an over-40 men's team. No fancy collegiate abilities but really, at 43, what's the difference? Just want to play the game, my email is dchaplinsky76@outlook.com. Thank you!

6 yr old looking to join a team
by LeeAnn Hogan on 10/12/2019

My 6 yr old son Blake is looking to join a team. This is his first year playing and I would like him to play throughout the winter.

Former college player looking to join over 40 team
by Ron Smiley on 10/11/2019

I’m a former college player looking to join an over 30 or over 40 team for the first Winter session ASAP. I can be reached at (860)335-4353. 

Looking for U8 Team
by Julie on 10/9/2019

 Looking for a U8 team for my son to play on this winter. He has done classes and camps with Soccer Shots and Socceropolis since he was 3 years old. Please contact me via email (julieyimo@gmail.com) if you have a spot on your team. Thanks!

Looking for a U8 Boys Team
by Jessica McGrath on 10/8/2019

Looking for a U8 team for my son Brayden to join. His team from last year do not have enough players. He’s been playing since he was 4 years old.  

Email is jma74@hotmail.com

Looking to join U10 team
by Darshan on 10/8/2019



I'm keen on getting my son signup for the upcoming Winter Youth Indoor League for Boys-U10.

He loves the sport & has been actively engaged in some of the camps/clinics this past year. Kids love him...has decent skills & is an excellent team player.


Please reach out if you have positions available in your teams. I'm available at 860.461.9111 and/OR bidlokesh@gmail.com...whichever is convenient.


-Darshan (D).



Adult female looking for a coed team
by Alex on 10/6/2019

Hi, I'm a 38yo female looking for a coed team. I started playing a few years ago on rec leagues. Decent speed, reliable and love to play!

U9 soccer team in need of players?
by Brett Caron on 10/4/2019


I am looking to get my son Crosby on a boys U9 team.  If anyone is looking for extra players please reach out to me via text or call at 860-681-6567

Brett Caron.

2 Women Looking for Team
by Lauren Bigger on 9/30/2019


My sister and I are looking for a coed team! We are 21 and 26 years old, reliable, and love to play soccer! We both played club soccer growing up and have played here at FSA for the past few years 


U8/U9 2012
by Matt on 9/19/2019

I have 1 maybe 2 girls that are currently looking for an indoor soccer team U8 or U9/2012 to latch on to for the 3 sessions. Anyone looking? Thanks!

College Soccer Player, played club in Mexico
by Adrian Torres on 8/17/2019

Looking for an adult league to play soccer. I know the game pretty well and can play any position. Text me at 956-929-8146

Looking for a team
by Pouya on 7/28/2019

Moved to the area recently...looking to play on over 30 mens or co-ed team. Thanks!

Adult former college player looking for a team.
by Zachary Grady on 12/17/2018

I'm 27 and a college soccer coach in Hartford. I'm looking for competitive indoor soccer. 

My cell is 508-415-9107

Looking for spot on men's open or coed team
by Nelson Ng on 10/11/2018

Just moved here, looking for a team to play for on Winter I and/or other winter sessions. Played club in college at center mid, but willing to play anywhere on the field. You can reach me at 8595528925!




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