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Looking for a Goalie
by Bridget Moss on 9/17/2020

Our coed team is looking for someone to play goal this session - there will likely be room to play the field once our regular golaie comes back. We play in the Coed League - not in the TOP division, one level down.

27 Year old, Competitive Player, College experience, Defender
by Peter Kralovec-Kirchherr on 9/10/2020

Hey all - I'm a 27 Year old in the Hartford area, looking for a team. I play primarily defense, but can get into the midfield as well. I am down for any level of play, and feel comfortable playing in the competitive league. Feel free to email me at peter.kraloveckirchherr@gmail.com

Goalkeeper looking for an indoor team
by Paul Zumbo on 9/8/2020

My name is Paul Zumbo and I'm 20 years old. I'm currently the goalkeeper for highly rated division 2 team, Franklin Pierce University. I'm looking for an adult indoor team to play on and would be open to join any team playing in the highest division within this league. Thanks to all and please reach out to me if any spots open up!

Email: paulzumbo130@gmail.com

Phone: (203) - 909 - 2141

32 yrs old, pretty good at soccer
by Tim Stratton on 8/12/2020

I'm looking to play either indoor or outdoor. I never played in college, but I played all growing up and have been playing consistently through my adult years. I can run all day. Both feet equally strong. I have a lot of experience playing defensive/ midfield wing, but I can play anywhere.

I've played some goalie too

Looking for a competitive experience
by Mubera on 8/12/2020

Hey, folks! Played recreationally for a long time and can play any position. Looking for a healthy, competitive experience playing the beautiful sport.

New to the Area
by Emmanuel Nsiah on 7/9/2020

Hi, my name is Emmanuel and I just moved to the area. I grew up with the game. I played High School in nyc and college in Vermont. I took a job at Middlesex Hospital so I moved my family here. I am a midfielder but can also play defense. I'm looking to team up with any team. Cell 7202497577

Recent College Grad looking for team
by Zach Kaylor on 1/17/2020

I just moved to the area from Columbus, Ohio and looking to join a team. I currently work for the Hartford Athletic and very knowledable about the game. I have been playing indoor soccer since high school with an intermediate skill level. 



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