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Attention Coaches and Managers! Do not submit waiver/roster information for players on your team. A Parent/Guardian of participants will need to submit waiver/roster information for the registered team their child is associated with. 

Use the links below to submit both the waiver and roster information. Prior to providing roster information you will be prompted to complete waiver information if we don't have anything on file for your player.

This will remain open through the summer as your roster is not frozen and players can be added as needed.


PLAYERS (Submit waiver/roster information for registered team)

BOYS - High School Summer League 

GIRLS - High School Summer League 


COACHES AND MANAGERS  (Submit waiver/roster information for registered team) Required for adults on the bench

Coach/Manager  - High School Summer League


Not sure if you are all set? Check your team's roster here. All players and staff that appear on the roster have completed all required information and do not need to submit other forms.